We at Gaikwad Global School believe in concept of the child, for the same we are providing digital - e-Learning technology in every classroom for an effective learning. .

We At Gaikwad Global School we maintain the highest standards of academic excellence. In order to keep up with the latest trends in this kind of learning, regular workshops are held for teachers to share their experiences and ideas and to try out new ways of activity-based instruction. We also use a variety of teaching methodologies to improve the learning experience of the children. Strong academics plays a vital role in the upbringing of the school. Our school gives importance and stress on the academics of each & every child. Individual attention is been given to each & every child. To make the academics more interesting our school arranges special training and workshops for teachers. Teaching is done through Digital boards; which makes the concepts and ideas of the students more clear and interesting. Time to time different Quizes are held to make the students knowledge more perfect. Play-way method of teaching is adopted by the teachers for the students. Concept assemblies are held subject-wise and class-wise which gives extra information regarding (any) a subject or festival and is creating a positive impact on the students. Thus, all these points are creating a favorable environment and making the students more knowledgeable.

  • Innovative Teaching

  • We try out new, different methods of teaching, experimenting with innovations in making learning fun. For us, "work is play".
  • Remedial Teaching

  • All the students in a class will never be equally good at academics. To ensure that the weaker ones do not get left behind, so to speak, a system of remedial teaching has been set up. During a remedial session, a few of the weakest students in a particular class work with a subject teacher who goes right back to the basics and builds up from there.

In The Junior Section We Focus On

Development of skills in the language & arts through 'play way' methodology.

Listening, speaking, writing and reading are all part of an interesting and vital language development program. Stories, rhymes and songs help develop listening and speaking skills. Flash card reading and story books enhance reading skills and finally the children are introduced to writing skills. They are encouraged to read and hence we follow the 'phonics' method of teaching the alphabet. Creative writing and free hand drawing help the child learn 'expression'. The medium of instruction is English. The school also provides a variety of indoor and outdoor games, extra and co-curricular activities such as, art and craft, music, computers, karate , yoga , audio-visual shows and field trips for an all-round development of the child. All the activities are closely monitored and supervised by trained teachers.

About Us

Gaikwad Educational Group is a premier educational group of Aurangabad, was conceptualized way back in 2001 by Prof Ramdas Gaikwad. It was initially started to impart quality education..

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School Address

Gaikwad Global School,
Gut No. 131,
Beed Road
Aurangabad. 431005.
Phone: 7030853377

Corporate Office

Gaikwad Global School,
Plot No.180,
Ulkanagri, Garkheda Parisar,
Aurangabad. 431005.
Phone: (0240) 2350047