Sports Arena


"Striving for Excellence: Sports Program at GGS Sets the Pace!"

We are dedicated to promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship among our students. Our state-of-the-art sports facility provides a dynamic and inclusive environment where students can pursue their athletic passions, develop their skills, and achieve their personal best.The sports facility at GGS is a hub of activity and energy, equipped with top-of-the-line amenities and resources to support a wide range of sports and activities. From traditional team sports to individual fitness pursuits, our facility offers something for every student to enjoy and explore.At GGS, we are committed to providing our student athletes with the guidance, support, and mentorship they need to excel both on and off the field. Our team of experienced coaches, trainers, and staff are dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive sports culture that prioritizes skill development, sportsmanship, and personal growth.


Indoor and Outdoor.

we believe in the importance of both physical activity and mental stimulation in the development of our students. That's why we offer a diverse range of indoor and outdoor games, providing opportunities for students to stay active, socialize, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.Whether indoors or outdoors, games play an essential role in the holistic development of our students at GGS. Through participation in indoor and outdoor games, students have the opportunity to stay active, make friends, and enjoy the benefits of physical and mental well-being, all while having fun and creating lasting memories.